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All About Alie was set up in February 2016 by Alie Tilley, a live events professional, after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Take a look at Alie’s blog posts to learn more about her story and how she is living with MND.


Alie's mission is to do two things;

  1. Raise awareness of MND and what people can do to help

  2. Get action to fight against MND by raising money to fund Professor Talbot’s Stem Cell Research and to help those living with MND by donating to the UK Charity MND Association

Alie's Blog

We are trying to raise £52,000 for a third year of Stem Cell Research after we reached Alie's target for year two.

Thank you for all your help.

Please continue to support us if you can using Virgin Money Giving.

All About Action - current fundraising activities

All About Alie

Year 1: Fundraising completed in June 2016
Year 2: Fundraising completed in February 2018

Richmond Running Festival

Rebecca Deller is running a half marathon for AAA

Run Reigate 10K

Tania Fenson is running for AAA.

raising money graph-01.png
Year 3:
raising money graph-01.png

© All About Alie

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